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Thames Valley Pilates with HS Fitness UK

Join our Pilates classes at home, Have an amazing workout in the comfort of your own space. Practice along with our live Zoom Classes and view pre recorded sessions through your online membership account. Get started via the links below or contact us here.

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Thames Valley Pro Pilates with HS Fitness UK

Join our Pilates classes at home, Have an amazing workout in the comfort of your own space. Practice along with our live Zoom Classes and view pre recorded sessions through your online membership account. Get started via the links below or contact us here. Class Timetable Join Online Membership
About HS Fitness UK

About HS Fitness UK

I have been a sportsperson all my life, I began to look into Pilates and the benefits it had to my body after years of endurance training. Pilates has helped me and many others of all ages and genders to improve our physical strength and wellbeing. Find out more

Thames Valley Pro Pilates

Pilates is a gentle but effective whole body workout challenging you to new physical poise and energy, plus greater mental strength. If you are recovering from an injury, operation or accident, Pilates will help you to regain your strength, mobility and flexibility. Find out more
About Thames Valley Pro Pilates
Benefits of Pilates in Sports Golf

The Benefits of Pilates in Sport

Sport and Pilates may not seem like the partnership every sportsperson thinks of. In all sports though, to be good and continue with our chosen love, we need to take our body and muscles one step further, so our chosen sport becomes natural and effortless for many years. Using Golf as an example, Pilates will put emphasis on your rotation, your spine flexibility, and your trunk stability. The slow controlled moves will take your body slightly further than you do in play. The slow moves mean you will work your muscles much deeper and therefore find extra power and strength that you will not find otherwise. All this in turn will prevent injuries, such as over rotation, as your body will be used to the extra rotation in a controlled way. Do you ever feel that your swing is cut short, you whip the ball? This is because your muscles have reached the maximum length they can go, so your body stops. Limitations need to be addressed at the source. This is the same for all sports.
Racket sports in particular are very one sided. What I mean by that is a player always swings to the same side. This in turn overuses many muscles, but weakens unused muscles too, which in turn causes a massive imbalance in the whole body. Just imagine, if all those muscles you don’t use were strengthened too to support the muscles which you do use – how strong would you be! I always remember an interview Pat Cash gave after he won Wimbledon in 1987. When asked why he thought he had won, his answer was Pilates! He said that for the first time he had been focusing on the muscles that he didn’t use in Tennis, so that they were strong to support the muscles he did use. It’s exactly the same in all Sports.
Benefits of Pilates in Sports Tennis
Benefits of Pilates in Sports Golf
So, whether you are a Professional, or just love your sport as a hobby or a way to interact with colleagues, you need to keep the whole body strong. Many people have come to me over the years of all ages saying that they love Golf, Tennis, Walking, Swimming etc., but have had to give it up as their backs hurt, or they don’t have the mobility in their shoulders or hips anymore, they can’t bend down to pick up their ball, or they simply haven’t got the stamina to walk far enough or finish a game anymore. I have managed to get each of them back to their love within a few weeks. So, whether you are an Individual or a Business owner wishing to offer Pilates as an extra to your clients, do get in touch. Contact us

HS Fitness UK Masterclasses

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Thames Valley Pro Pilates Masterclass – Core

Thames Valley Pro Pilates Masterclass – Hamstring Flexibility

Thames Valley Pro Pilates Masterclass – Joint Mobility

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“I have been with Heather since she began classes about 17 years ago and I have found that it has helped with my posture, flexibility and general feeling of well being. I used to suffer with back pains but rarely experience these now and if I do can be reminded of exercises that might help. I find that I am much more active than a lot of my friends of my age and often people remark on my good posture and I certainly put this down to the Pilates classes I have attended over the years. During lockdown the on-line sessions have been invaluable and I have usually tried to do two a week. Thank you for all your hard work and personal interest. Fabulous!!”
“I have been doing Pilates with Heather since she started 16 years ago. I absolutely love it. I am now in my 60’s and am still able to ride my horses daily and compete. I also love riding my bike and walking the dogs. Without Heather’s classes I would definitely have not been able to carry on the things I love.”
“Hi. I’m only 16! I love running and doing lots of sports, but I never win! I needed more power and stamina. My mum goes to Heather’s classes and she suggested I come along with her, but I thought Pilates was for girls and old people! My goodness, the difference in just a few weeks was amazing. I started winning races instead of coming 4th! My pace and stamina had improved so much. I am never stopping Pilates! Thank you Heather.”
“Hello. I’m Jean and am 83. I used to love tap and golf, but have had to give all that up now. When Covid hit I heard about Heather’s classes. I joined. I do 4 morning classes a week and absolutely love them. Whilst being locked down they give me a purpose to get up and do something. They have really saved my life. Thank you Heather. Please don’t ever give up.”
“Four years ago I had a very bad car crash. I was left with multiple injuries to my leg and hip. After many operations I was just about able to walk with a crutch. I was so unhappy. I did all my exercises, but they just didn’t seem to do anything anymore. I was told about Heather and we met up privately for a few sessions. She got me off my crutches immediately and gave me the confidence to stand on my own 2 feet again. She worked on my balance and power in my leg and hip. Within a very short time I was going out without my crutch and had confidence again. You are amazing.”
“In my late 70’s I had to stop playing my love, Golf! I was so upset. I just didn’t have the strength anymore to play, even with a buggy. A friend recommend I start Pilates, so I joined Heather’s classes. It took a few weeks of persevering, but I really did start to notice little changes. I could get up the stairs a lot easier, out of my chair etc. With Spring approaching (6 months later) I loaded my golf clubs into the car and did my first round of golf (albeit 9 holes) since last summer. I was thrilled. My husband and friends couldn’t believe the difference in me in such a short time. I can’t recommend it enough.”


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